Bread shop

Siem Reap offers great shopping opportunities, from lively markets selling all kinds of food and souvenirs, to shops and training centers showcasing Cambodia’s traditional crafts such as silk weaving, basket weaving, silverware, stone and wood carving, lacquer ware and painting.




Cambodian souvenirs sold at the markets include tee shirts, silk items,
weaved rush-mat products and kromas (chequered scarves).Fruits are plenty and delicious.
Don’t forget to bargain!

A special Angkor souvenir :

Unique Angkor Wat-shaped cookies can be found at Madame Sachiko tea house and shop.
Road to Angkor Wat, across the Sofitel Royal Angkor Hotel
Box of 20 Angkor cookies: US$5


Crafts workshops


There are various crafts workshops for disadvantaged and disabled Cambodians, 
where you can see trainees learning traditional handicrafts such as lacquer, 
sculpture and painting. The centers include a shop displaying their products for sale.

One of them is Cambolac, a social enterprise that focuses on young adults from poor communities, specially on the hearing impaired, creating beautiful souvenirs in lacquer. 


You can even learn the Khmer hand signs for the deaf!