Sbaek (shadow puppet shows)

Author: shinsukano


Rama riding Hanuman

Sbaek Thom (literally "large leather"), the royal form of Cambodian puppetry, uses large puppets made from an entire cow hide and focuses solely on narrating the Indian epic The Ramayana.








 Buffalo fighting story

Sbaek Touch (literally "small leather"), which was originally performed from village to village, uses smaller puppets and tells ancient and contemporary folktales with comic characters.






Sbaek Thom, traditionally played outdoor, is performed occasionally in the precincts of a pagoda by the Ty Chean’s Troupe. 

Schedule and price to be advised on request.



Sbaek Touch can be seen every Wednesday evening at 19:30 at the charming hotel Chili Pepper (ex La Noria ).
The one hour-long show, including 3 Sbaek Touch stories and 4 dances, is performed by the children of the local NGO Krousar Thmey.
Admission fee: US$7 per person + dinner a la carte (reasonably priced)
All the proceeds from the show are donated to the NGO Krousar Thmey.









A visit to a workshop making Sbaek puppets can be arranged for a very reasonable fee.

 One of my guests punching tiny holes in a piece of leather