Helicopter rides

Photo : Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism

This flight will show you the enormous scale of the site of Angkor.
The tour departs only 1 km from Angkor Wat, maximizing flight time around the temples.
Several flight options are available, all including a spectacular view over the temple of Angkor Wat on departure and arrival:

Angkor Wat tour:

   approx. 8 minutes/ 14 minutes – US$ 99 per person/ US$165 per person
   Angkor Wat-Floating Village:
   approx. 20 minutes – US$230 per person

   Angkor Wat-Floating Village-Rolouos temples:

   approx. 30 minutes – US$340 per person.

   Angkor Wat – Phnom Koulen waterfall:

   Approx.. 36 minutes – US$400 per person

   Angkor Wat-Banteay Srey-Phnom Koulen-Floating village:

   Approx.. 40 minutes – US$530 per person


Minimum        : 3 passengers, guest also could pay us 3 paid seats to get confirmation without waiting

Maximum       : 5 passengers + 1 pilot

Private flight  : pay for 4 seats (Maximum 4 per person)

Flight routes and times may vary with weather conditions and passenger weight


East Mebon temple

10th cent. Hindu temple built in the middle of the Mebon reservoir, now dried up, dedicated to Shiva



Pre Rup

10th cent. Hindu temple-mountain in brick and laterite, dedicated to Shiva



The majestic temple of Angkor Wat





Sra Srang

Basin built in the 10th cent for the King’s ablutions, and the forest around



Three tanks lost in the jungle… 
(actually belonging to the local military station)




Ta Keo

early 11th cent temple-mountain, dedicated to Shiva



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